Sunday, February 7, 2010

Love Is In The Air

One of the initial quests for the holiday event involves obtaining a bracelet for your Faction leader. To do this, you need the quest item (Lovely Charm Collector's Kit) in your inventory while killing mobs to collect Lovely Charms. Ten charms create one Lovely Charm Bracelet.

The bracelets are a tradable, sellable item and more importantly... they're readily farmable. Normally I wouldn't recommend farming anything. But depending on the going rate of this quest item on your sever, it can be worth it. The trick comes in where to farm.

Our weekly raid quest was XT in Ulduar and we found by default that after a very quick approach to Flame Leviathon that we had close to 100 charms from killing Iron Dwarves with our vehicles. On my server, the 10 bracelets they turned into sold for 340g. For 2 minutes of firing at dwarves... that respawn.

You can easily go into Ulduar 10 or 25 with a two-person team and get a Demolisher vehicle. Load up and start the slaughter. Just remember to not destroy the Dwarf towers or you'll have to go deeper and deeper for more trash. If you're feeling confident, have your Demo driver exit the vehicle in a central location and go get a Motorcycle. He can round up all the trash and bring it back for your Air Missile attacks for large bursts of quest items.

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