Monday, February 8, 2010


Everyone's seen them. The beggars that whisper you, yell or beg in trade chat for a few gold. They need something and aren't willing to earn it.

The most recent one asked if he 'could have some gold.' This time I didn't explode his chat window with a /r macro filled with explanations of EPGP 50 times. This time I was feeling playful. I said "Sure, if I can have some too."

For some reason, he agreed and opened a trade window and put I put in 136,000g while he entered 3g. He quickly clicked accept and I re-entered zero gold and clicked accept. He accepted again anyway... too eager to play it safe and look closely.

It was highly rewarding to take 3g from one of the beggars. It only got sweeter when he realized he didn't get anything back in return.

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