Thursday, May 6, 2010


Late Tuesday night I passed my goal of one million gold.

It took some work getting all the gold mailed to one toon and into it's alt Guild Bank so I could take a picture, but it's done. It's a relief and not as anti-climactic as I was afraid it would be.

The entire journey took me six months. From November 8th to May 4th. I started with only 1,000g and a basic understanding of the Auction House, no addons and no stock of items.

Fun Facts:
  • Averaged 46,080g per week in profit
  • 1500+ active auctions at any one time
  • Largest single day gain - 51,781g
  • Largest single day loss - 18,254g
  • Single Iceblade Arrow sales - 16,374g
  • Rare & Epic Spellthread profit - 81,313g
  • Gold earned from GDKPs - 28,312g :) :)
  • Gold spent at GDKPs - 71,210g :( :(
  • Vendor Pets profit - 19,448g
  • Largest profit from a single item - Ring of Rotting Sinew 9,512g
  • Largest % profit from item - Plans : Titanium Razorplate 3308% 80g to 2646g
  • Most expensive item purchased - Deathbringer's Will 17,000g
  • Most expensive item sold - Mechano-hog 15,210g
  • Gold lost to AH 5% fee - 64,712g

The server transfer experiment certainly pushed me the last quarter of the way as I profited more than 254k in two weeks, including my normal markets. The potential earnings from buy/sell runs are incredible and if the destinations are chosen well, one could get to a million in one month from that process alone.

I plan to still run my markets but at a much more relaxed pace. I have my addons and processed down to a quick 70 minutes/day to post and craft everything I need done. That's 30 minutes in the morning to craft and post, 20 minutes before rush hour(6-7pm) to repost and 20 minutes after raids end (11-12pm) to restock the AH.

As for the gold itself, the main use will be to power level the raiding core of my guild to lvl85 with unlimited funds. We'll be going for as many server firsts as we can in classes/races/professions. Heroics and raids should also be possible if we have enough of a headstart from the gold. The Alliance rule our server and we're a Horde minority, so it will be interesting how much of an advantage the time saved will net us.

For anyone thinking of taking on a gold goal before Cataclysm, there's more than six months of stagnant game time ahead of you. The potential to earn your own million is waiting...