Thursday, March 4, 2010


Gold Caps
Earlier this week I flew through my third gold cap, making 20k gold the very next day. There is currently a high profit margin on crafted ilvl264 boots/pants on my server that has contributed to my strong growth lately.

I've spent upwards of 30k on items between two alts since I started the gdkp runs a month ago. The actual gold earned from the runs and the flipped BoEs I win amount to half of that 30k though, which softens the blow.

Single Iceblade Arrow Sales
After the first three weeks, I had made a little over 2,000g from single arrow sales. My total is now up to 9,000g thanks to both the Horde and Alliance markets. I also used this strategy to fund a new DK on a very high-population realm. After three weeks of just posting single arrows, he's up to 2,400g (not counted in the 9k total).

Vendor Pets
My previous total in mid-January was 7,000g from vendor pet sales. Currently I'm a little past 13k in pet sales. None of these are crafted or drops... they are all available from vendors cheaply.