Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Fallout

I've been a bit preoccupied since hitting my goal of one million gold. The earnings have still continued though. In fact, by this point the process is so streamlined, the gold makes itself. However, there were some humorous and interesting results of the million that are worthy of mentioning.

The popular news site WoW.com wrote a piece on me which led to some wonderfully insightful and hilariously ignorant conversation.

The real value came in the follow up article written by their Insider Trader columnist. He was a little quick to judgement and didn't review the facts before publishing. He got called out by his readership in what turned out to be a locked column that reached its flaming capacity at twenty-two pages.

There's some really well written arguments back and forth for anyone wanting to take some time and read them on a Tuesday maintenance.

New Goals
I'm now well past the 1.2 million mark and going strong. Looking at my g/week rate, I won't have time to hit two million before Cataclysm but I will see how high I can get before the expansion. The server transfer method would easily work but I only wanted to do it once as a test for its potential.

The readership here grew significantly because of the exposure gained on reaching my goal. Awareness on my own server has spiked as well. Because of this, I plan on continuing to write and publish as often as my schedule allows. I have many half-finished pieces that were never completed on my way to a million.

Once Cataclysm does hit, I have a gold reward system in place for my guild. The coin will all be used to power level raiders in small teams to 85 as quickly as possible. There will be bonuses in place for each date of completion. The earlier the date, the larger the bonus. With unlimited funds, there is no need to loot bodies, no reason to return to towns or leave the dungeon grind. XP gain is king.

Once at the level cap, the crafting professions will all be maxed and the best available epic crafted gear will be handed out. Raiding will commence as soon as 10 and 25man teams are available. With Cataclysm's release, this blog will shift from a focus on gold to highlight this race for server firsts.

Once that first hectic week is past us, I'll be focusing on the new economy and all of its glorious flaws, advantages and opportunities.