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First and foremost, this will be a blog centered around not just gold-making strategies (every goblin has those), but the reasons behind those strategies and ways to pre and post profit from those situations. Over the last two months I discovered a passion for gold making and challenged myself to hit the cap after reading a few prominent blogs. Two things happened - I easily hit the cap in six weeks and found a lot of the blogs lacking in clarity and depth.

A beginning tycoon will recognize that prospecting his Saronite Ore will usually result in more valuable gems than ore sales. But, he or she probably won't take advantage of evaluating the market on: when this might not be true, when cutting those gems is better, what to cut them into, which to leave for further crafting into metas, engineer mats, DE greens, when to bulk sale, where the overstock point is, how to input this commodity into your add-ons for best effect, how to streamline storage/crafting/posting of the item, when to use the AH versus Trade, Alliance versus Horde markets, etc.

When we understand the Why of a profit, we can take advantage of the Who, What, When and Where to much greater potential. This blog will attempt to discuss the Why and cleanly extract from it - the How.

I've been playing for a little over a year myself and never hurt for gold. This came from a very simple understanding of a couple markets that fit my two crafting professions. I earned more than enough to splurge on things and still afford a heavy raid schedule and help out guild members. During a slow period in raiding, I started seeing the real potential and challenges the economy offered and was quickly hooked. I immersed myself in a few blogs and flung myself into the learning process. Here was an entirely new skill set WoW could offer a challenge to. I found it the perfect counterpoint to the fast-paced environment of raiding and allowed me to skip the grindy aspects of dailies and the rare occasions of farming very specific items. I now have three characters with six crafting professions and am slowly but surely leveling a fourth with the last two crafting professions so I don't have to be dependent on the schedule of others.

While I have no end-game goal for the gold, much like WoW itself, I want these posts to focus on the journey itself, rather than the finish line. Funding the guild's transition from 80 to 85 would be a great sink though... If/when I hit a million gold, I have been toying with the idea of a sever cap - a notion brought up by a guild member that I haven't seen claimed yet. Since you can only have ten characters per server, this would be roughly 2.147 million gold. If I kept my rate, that's still 18 months and not a duration I'd like to lock myself into.

Next up...
Addressing the blog title choice for those that haven't made the connection, as well as go over my main toons, their professions and add-ons.

Final note - the new epic ammunition and ammo in general has been a hotspot for profit lately with different stacking amounts. Many will either not notice or misinterpret a stack of 100 for the normal 1000. Some take advantage of this and have made insane profits, even if they are short-lived. I wanted to take it a step further with the mad dash for the new epic ammo by posting as SINGLE arrows. They're not even a stack if you want to be technical :)

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  1. Awesome reference.

    It's been amazing watching you amass so much gold, can't wait to see you hit the server cap.