Monday, December 21, 2009

Character Setup

These professions could all be their own posts, so I'll just gloss over them for now.

80 Tauren Druid - Moonkin/Resto

Tailoring 450 - Spellthreads are the obvious moneymaker but with the abundance of Frostweave Cloth from 3.3's heroic runs, Frostweave Bags very cheap to make.
All raiding patterns. These are a great source of income whether you set a crafting fee (I enforce 5% of mat costs - example ToC bracers on my server would be 200g, chest 400g) or craft them yourself for a 1000-2000g markup and wait a few days for a buyer. If you choose to craft your own epics, the trade channel is the best choice as you can avoid the 5% AH cut and large listing fee for such high-priced items. You'll also have a better chance of luring a potential buyer that didn't know they wanted it, as opposed to the very few people that will search for such an item on the AH.

Jewelcrafting 450 - The level 70, 73, 77 green jewelry are obvious choices for the Prospect>Craft>DE chain gang. The level 75 blues that yielded 25g Dream Shards used to be great but with 3.3's increased Heroic runs, they aren't worth it since Dream Shards tanked to below 10g each.
A careful balance of expanding your Epic Patterns and getting free Dragon's Eyes is a good approach until you have 3-5 of the best selling cuts for each color. Any more and you generally won't have the stock available to meet the demand per day for each cut.

Cooking 450 - +40 Agility, Strength, Expertise and Hit are the best sellers in my experience, especially Hit and Exp during new patches since new upgrades come often and constantly maintaining the raid caps becomes a juggling act.

Fishing 588 - I never fish, but if I did, it'd be all Dragonfin Angelfish for raiders and Darkclaw Lobster for cooking levelers.

80 Orc Death Knight - Blood/Frost

Inscription 450 - All glyphs discovered. Still an enormous money maker but it's profit is very proportional to time invested if your server has AH campers like mine does. The Snowfall and other Inks can often sell for far greater profit than the glyphs they're used for, so make sure to find your server's saturation point for each Ink's sales. Vellums and Runescrolls sell consistently for a 300-500% markup. Make sure to vary your stack amounts to appeal to raiders, casuals and crafters.

Blacksmithing 450 - Same as Tailoring above with all raiding patterns. I produce Eternal Belt Buckles in bulk and generally sell 6-8 per day. Titanium Weapon Chains are a high profit percentage as well, but sell much less frequently.

75 Blood Elf Mage - Frost/Arcane

Enchanting 460 - All first and second-tier enchants for each slot are produced in bulk on vellums and posted two at a time. Additionally, most Agility twink enchants, Fiery Weapon and Crusader are all constant sales.

Engineering 450 - Ammunition is the only constant income stream for me and very self-explanatory.

17 Troll Shaman - Enhance

Leatherworking 90 - Currently have to rely on guild members for Leg Armors.

Alchemy 90 - Currently have to rely on guild members for Flasks, Potions, Transmutes.

Next up... Real-Time vs. Turn-Based Strategy

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