Thursday, February 10, 2011


I'll be starting to post again after a long break but the focus will be shifting.

I've reached every gold goal I've set for myself with ease and it's lost it's luster. I'm currently at 3.2 million net profit and 1.7 million liquid. I gave away ~800,000 to guild members the night before Cataclysm's launch to help facilitate getting for raids quickly. Then I spent another ~700,000 on gearing my toon and others, maxing people's professions and random giveaways and prizes to guild members since December.

I've been noticing a significant lack of Balance Druid(me) fight-specific tips in this content so I thought I'd use this existing space to post some guides.

Stress is the fertilizer of Creativity and our raid's dps core definitely can put the pressure on each other to compete at very high levels. We consistently have our top 5 on a night ranking on WoL. This environment has contributed to learning the fights in minute detail to maximize numbers.

So look for incoming guides on the first 14 raid bosses of Cataclysm.

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  1. Good to see you back. I've lost the lustre for WoW at the moment and haven't been writing on it for a while, tho I'm keeping up with it all.

    A new direction for the Milkshake, sounds good. I'm all ears.